Insurance Verification
checkmarksMedicaid recipients with third party insurance coverage are required to notify the West Virginia Bureau for Medical Services (BMS) with the third party insurance information for cost avoidance purposes.  Medicaid is always considered “payor of last resort.” The third party insurance plan should always pay first on all health insurance claims.

Medicaid Recipients: When to Notify the Call Center
Please call the Third Party Call Center at
(877) 598-5820 if:

  • You are covered under a health insurance plan outside of Medicaid
  • There is a change in your insurance coverage because:
  • The policy terminated,
  • Your employer’s group policy moved to another carrier, or
  • You have been dropped from the health plan.

Before you call, please be sure to have the following information available:

  • the Medicaid IDs of all members on the plan, and
  • the commercial insurance information.
Did you know ... ?

HMS, a Gainwell Technologies Company, helps identify health insurance coverage that is in addition to a member’s Medicaid coverage.